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Our services include chiropractic care, naturopathic medicine, massage therapy, acupuncture, counseling and dietary analysis. We also provide laboratory services such as food sensitivity testing, hormonal analysis and nutritional assessment (vitamin D, iron, thyroid). Additional services include orthotics, cold laser therapy, Graston technique, BodyTalk, and Craniosacral therapy. Our patients are encouraged to be active partners in their journey back to their best health.activebacktohealth.com

Calgary can have some very nasty cold winters and long cold springs temperatures which is why its important you have good efficient well running furnace. We provide 24 hour repair of furnaces , furnace cleaning , new furnace instillation and other services. If your furnace is acting up its important to have it checked and not put it off we specialize in Calgary furnace repairs and replacements . Damaged furnaces can be a big danger to families and homes , they can leak carbon monoxide , leak Natural gas,and Catch on fire let us take care of Calgary furnace repairs . Having your furnace checked yearly and having a smoke detector and carbon dioxide detector near your furnace is a must for your families safety. If you have any problems with your furnace Call us immediately 24 hour Furnace repair Calgary to fix the problem right away. We have certified professional staff on call to service your Calgary furnace repairs calgaryfurnacepro.ca