Joss Wind Power employs the best available technology along with their significant practical experience to identify and develop potential projects that will have the least risk and generate the greatest economic gains for all parties involved. Although all lands in Canada are exposed to some wind, top tier wind sites have a unique combination of strong winds, receptive landowners, transmission access, constructability, and acceptable environmental impacts. Joss has a good track record of finding, securing and developing these top tier sites to a stage where they are ready to be financed and built.

Once we have chosen and secured a site we endeavour to keep landowners, municipalities and other parties as up to date as possible with respect to the status of the project. We pride ourselves on being open and approachable and we encourage landowners to contact us should they desire an update or wish to discuss some aspect of the wind farm as it relates to their land.

We also endeavour to develop good relationships with local municipalities early in the development process. We have found that a two way relationship between the company and a municipality during all phases of wind farm development results in a better project for both parties. Our intent is to ensure that any wind farm brings as much benefit as possible to the greater community in which the project is located.

Given the capital intensive nature of wind energy development we will often bring in a partner to help get the project to the construction phase. We are very selective when choosing a partner and target those companies with a philosophy and approach similar to our own. Joss has a proven track record of creating extremely effective working relationships with large industry partners.